The only other Aerosmith studio album to not feature a song on the list is 1982's Rock in a Hard Place. AllMusic: Rock in a Hard Place is the sound of Aerosmith at their most “out of it.” Not to say it’s a horrible album by any means – in fact, there are more than a few pleasant surprises – but without the guitar team of Joe Perry and Brad Whitford, it didn’t possess the magical chemistry of their ‘70s classics. Buy Rock In a Hard Place. Rock in a Hard Place is the seventh studio album by American hard rock band Aerosmith, released in August 1982 by Columbia Records.It was certified gold on November 10, 1989. Rock in a hard place is a good album, although I think Night in the Ruts is their best "most underrated" album. They got a bit too pop for me in general. It was their first studio album, since 1979's "Night In The Ruts" album. As I had mentioned on my "Toys In The Attic" review, there are only 4 songs, which I feel are the very BEST songs, on this album. “F.I.N.E” – Pump (1989) “ F ucked Up, I nsecure, N eurotic, and E motional”, the song is full of tongue-in-cheek messages that exudes a rebellious and youthful vibe, Aerosmith is clearly trying to fit in the changing times with this track. I didn't include any songs from their 2004 Blues album, Honkin' on Bobo, because I haven't heard anything off that album. referencing Rock In A Hard Place, Cass, Album, FCT 38061 Label number does not match images and could be the same as release Aerosmith - Rock In A Hard Place . Get a Grip is probably my favorite of the post-sobriety albums. Aerosmith – unless someone’s been living under a rock, everybody knows who they are even if they’re not classic rock fans. I have a hard time concurring as this has been one of my favorite Aerosmith albums for close to thirty years. But Night in the Ruts and previous Aerosmith is my … Enjoy. It is the only Aerosmith album not to feature lead guitarist Joe Perry, following his departure from the band in 1979.Rhythm guitarist Brad Whitford also left during the recording in 1981. Since launching their career in the ’70s, they’ve had a string of hits that ensured their place in the rock pantheon. Aerosmith adapts to the new hard rock sound akin to the Guns N’ Roses brand in this track, responsible to the more youthful sound of the song. No where does it list what country. 1982 was the year that ushered in the EIGHTIES decade w/ "Rock In A Hard Place", by Aerosmith. This list counts down my 50 favorite songs by Aerosmith. Rock In a Hard Place is considered by some to not be a “real” Aerosmith album because it is the only one to not include all five members.