He will be very depressed and talking to him here enables him to be summoned for the final boss in the game. when you die at the boss, then you lose all humanity right? There's also an alternate way to save Solaire that doesn't involve opening the shortcut. Solaire can be summoned to help you with many boss fights. If he survives the fight, he gives you a Sunlight Medal. With Solaire saved, he'll make it to the end of the game and be able to help you with the final boss, Gwyn. 1) Talked to Solaire first time at the hellkite bridge I have followed the guides online, shortcuts, kill maggots, talk to solaire, kill centipede, etc. Solaire of Astora is a Warrior of Sunlight who appears throughout the world. Solaire can be spoken to multiple times throughout the game. Step-by-step the REAL way to get Solaire for FINAL boss fight.. This is what I did on this playthrough. He is a jolly and strong knight. But does not work! do you have to use a humanity shard before the boss to resummon solaire again? This red-eyed bug is what infects Solaire with the Sunlight Maggot that causes Solaire's insanity so killing it will save him. as long as your counter in the top left says 01 or higher, you have humanity and can summon? He even claims of choosing to become undead so that he could search for his own sun.