Can you send me the test data to support the claims you make, especially for backyard mosquito control? We live on the fourth floor, with a large evergreen in front of the window. Shows up around April then gone around September or October . Neem oils will kill larvae, but it does it in a different way than other natural pesticides and … We live in the Arizona desert and have problems with them in our home! You would certainly want to remove the bird during the fogging. I have chickens that free range on my property. For your lawn I would suggest the Lawn & Garden Kit, here’s the link:, Let us know if we can be of any more help . You can put cedar oil on furniture, rugs, clothing, and anywhere else you think that larvae will go. Maggie, yes, you certainly can! The aroma will deter the larvae from wanting to go there. Di you think your product will kill them or has anyone tried it on them? Thus, a spray wouldn’t work as effectively as a fogger I do not believe. They do best to kill when applied directly, i’d suggest Tickshield or Cedarcide Original for that purpose. Is it effective against the crickets? Or just a spritz over all of dog? But if you failed to do this and now have carpet beetle larvae in your home, you need to remove them right away. This allows the essential oil to penetrate their shell, hastening the oil’s pest control effects. It sure will! We do not have grass. This is another way how cedar oil kills bugs. These products also work to repel when applied to common trouble spots and entry points weekly. Which product can I use to treat the furniture and how? While they are in larva stage, they look for tight place, like the inside of a jar lid that is still sealed, for example, and wedge themselves between the inside of the lid and outside of the jar. I have used Cedarcide for over 5 years now as very effective and healthier flea treatment alternative on my mice killers. Let us know if you need anything else . I’d suggest PCO Choice for outdoor and Cedarcide Original for indoor. Organic carpet beetle spray. Cedar chests for storage. In fact, moisture can actually help increase their cedar scent, providing even more protection! Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. A cat!!! We suggest spraying all around the plants, but not on any herbs or fruits you plan to eat directly. Emulsification, or the breakdown of fat particles, is another way that cedarwood oil works to control bugs. Put this on your clothes and in places where infestations are normal. I like the good bugs, spiders, dragonflies, monarch butterflies and all the others, etc., I also have frogs and toads that come through. I live in PA. Didn’t see them until late last fall and they were everywhere. or any precaution to ions Th at should be followed? I bought some. I think your company and products are absolutely amazing. This essential oil can kill and repel larvae. Will it work, or just treat the dogs or dogs abd dirt? Our products will kill on contact and deter thereafter, but not kill after application. Evening also works . And nope, no greasy or sticky feeling, this product dries quickly and does not stain . Any adverse effects on pond or wildlife? Emulsification, or the breakdown of fat particles, is another way that cedarwood oil works to control bugs. We are in the caterpillar stage right now. Would love to know when you have availability again of product, The product you want, Cedarcide Original, is available now . ( 55 gallon plastic drum is used to store solution), Give us a call at 800-842-1464 and we’ll get this figured out for you .