These are key quality indicators for the customer. The 4 characteristics of service are intangibility, inseparability, variability, perishability. Hence, the product is very inconsistent and cannot be standardized. . And you cannot enjoy the alpine sleigh ride in your living room. .4The possibility of substitution, that is, the replacement of some tourism products with each other, such as means of transport. ( Log Out /  ( Log Out /  These are all relevant characteristics, which have to be taken into consideration for marketing activities. Tourism is all about the time spent and the experience made. Tourist generates business in a country and plays a key role in achieving the socio-economic goals of development plans of the nation. Services cannot be touched, held, tasted or smelt. When a hotel room is not booked tonight, you cannot take ‘tonight’ and sell it tomorrow. There are merely attempts with photographs and video cameras. Offers and products by tourism companies are generally easy to copy. Service characteristic of hospitality and tourism marketing 1. ( Log Out /  ( Log Out /  Hotel rooms and cable car seats cannot be warehoused for futures sales. Customer service and the customers’ need of consistency and reliability exists in every industry and it’s getting more important through the customers’ power in social networks. It is “the sum of the material means necessary to secure or facilitate the participation of people in tourism, to achieve its objectives and to create the use of services for tourists. The tourism industry builds entirely upon people. Tourism activity is a service activity that depends heavily on the human element, unlike other sectors that have known technological development so that they depend on mechanization in their production, and the human element performs in tourism activity.”  The role of the main pillar on which the sector depends in achieving its goals. – but not by hoping that their services are not imitable. The products/services in the tourism and travel industry are consumed as they are produced. Most travel products are first sold and the produced and consumed at the same time. Eating and drinking services: While undertaking tourist trips in a given area, food and drink must be available that would enable the tourist to enjoy his tourist trip. Some of the important characteristics of services are as follows: 1. Hotel rooms and cable car seats cannot be warehoused for futures sales. What do you mean when you are talking about the responsiveness? i want to use some details in my thesis about the social media using facebook and tripadvisor Accommodation services: hotels, motels, youth homes, rented apartments, and all accommodation facilities are considered auxiliary facilities for tourism services. Service quality management in hospitality, tourism and leisure You have to have good staff because there are a lot of “faces to the customer”. Nor can the feeling of consumption be captured to its full extent. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 1 Free Powerpoint Templates Service characteristic of hospitality and tourism marketing kurniawangilang@yahoo .com 2. Characteristics of tourism services Tourism services have a set of characteristics, including what they have in common with services in general, and some of them are characteristic of them alone as a tourism product. Hotels cannot change their capacities quickly enough to react on spontaneous fluctuations in demand. What is so special about tourism compared to the producing or trading industries? Products of the tourism industry always differ. And that’s not all – all those investments are attached to one locality which means that those tourism companies are to a huge extent dependent on the attractiveness of the region, the country, its surroundings and so forth. Is this the same as the characteristics of tourism products? The points above are the nature of tourism products. The products/services in the tourism and travel industry are consumed as they are produced. Do you mean that the tourism companies can react quicker to changes in customers’ needs and in turn adapt its product/service range? It is challenging to deal with the customer perception of the product (the perceived quality) as it is highly affected by numerous uninfluenceable aspects such as weather, construction sites, other customers etc. Yes it is. the holiday quality results from personal interactions starting with the information and booking process over the stay up to the journey home. Unlike tangible products where the customer buys certain features, production quality, durability etc. Tourism products are intangible. When you buy a new computer it is produced and shipped before you see it on the website or at the retailer’s premise. Thank you Sebastian, this was really helpful. I’m sorry but there was not one single source for this collection. 2Tourism services are required for the presence of the customer, so the tourism product cannot be transported nor sent, which requires the necessary transportation means for tourists to move towards a region tourism. Twenty trends that will shape the next decade, Four factors of transformational leadership behavior. whats about Responsiveness (time), Assurance and Reliability (keep certain level of standard, service, also limite staff fluctuation) and communication in general (complaints, questions to the destination, etc.)? The most important auxiliary services for tourism services: Transportation services: It includes all transportation services and means that facilitate the tourist to move from one place to another inside or outside the country as well as on roads, airports, ports and roads. Intangibility 4. Perishability is one of the most important characteristics of the tourism industry. . Travel products are fairly inflexible in terms of fluctuation. This is an aspect which clearly sets tourism apart from tangible products. Probably everybody was already in the situation where you showed your holiday pictures to your family or friends and said “Well, it looked better when I was there.