Ice Age, Water Cycle Stonehenge Valentines Day Conjunctions work to combine phrases and words so that they work together as one. Deciduous Forests Henry Ford In the following list, we have placed a comma and the conjunction “and” before the last animal in the list. Georgia, Poland Snowy Owl Grades. First Lady of the US Wolfgang Mozart, Thomas Edison American Civil War, Anne Frank Chameleon Writing Prompts Veterans’ Day Ants Cardinal Numbers Gila Monster Flag Day However, we have combined the two phrases by using the conjunction “and,” as well as a comma. Contact Patrick Henry JK Rowling Bears Context Clues Repeated Addition, Ordinal Numbers Anzac Day The Renaissance, World War 1 If we break down this sentence, there are two phrases. Amazon River, Mount Rushmore Mount Etna Emu Medger Evers Conjunction Examples for Kids There are lots of words out there, but some of the ones your child will use most are called conjuctions. Rounding Numbers Quail both - and. She can neither read nor write. Hurricane Katrina Natural Disasters Either behave or leave the room. The Pilgrims, Ancient China The three most-used conjunctions are and, or, and but. Ancient Aztec, Roaring Twenties A: after, although, as, as if, as long as, as much as, as soon as, as though; B: because, before, by the time; E: even if, even though; I: if, in order that, in case; L: lest; O: once, only if; P: provided that; S: since, so that; T: than, that, though, till; U: unless, until All Saints’ Day Ladybug Vietnam War The Moon Martin Luther King Jnr Day Free Original Clipart. Not ready to purchase a subscription? Diwali Albatross Harvest Festivals Wuhan, China This worksheet offers conjunction examples for kids with sentences to finish with a word from the list. Single Digit Subtraction Black Friday Promo: Save 25% on KidsKonnect Worksheets, Reading Comprehension Types of Writing Michael Morpurgo, Rosa Parks Facts Hummingbird Single Digital Addition 3–5. Killer Whale Common conjunctions include the following: Most people remember these common junctions through the acronym or word FANBOYS. With the help of this worksheet, students will learn how to use conjunctions to connect related facts—and they'll learn about waterspouts along the way! India, Thanksgiving Worksheets Fox View not found. Most people remember these common junctions through the acronym or word FANBOYS. Sign Up. The first phrase is “Tom likes to eat pizza.” This could stand as its own sentence. Ruby Bridges Arc De Triomphe Home Peregrine Falcon Volcano These pairings do not use commas, usually. List of correlative conjunction for kids. Conclusion Harriet Tubman Megalodon Shark Philippines Chinese New Year These worksheets have been specifically designed for use with any international curriculum. We use conjunctions to connect or link ideas too. Sometimes they can be hard to keep track of.Read More Most conjunctions connect two independent clauses, or two sentences that could stand by themselves separately. Language Arts Games. Bermuda Triangle Black Friday, Covid-19 Coronavirus Flood International Women's Day, American Revolution Fossils China Conjunctions also join parts of sentences together, as shown here: I ran, but the ice cream melted before I got home. Michael Jordan Snow Leopard Common conjunctions include the following: -and-but-or-yet-for-nor-so. We went to the zoo to see the giraffes, elephants, tigers, rhinos, and bears. Peacock, Avalanche Women's Equality Day Conjunctions are short words that connect phrases, clauses or sentences together so we don’t speak or write in choppy sentences. Here are some that you use every day: Sometimes conjunctions are used in pairs, like the ones shown in this chart. World War 2 White Tigers Fossils Conjunctions are used to join words or groups of words together. Conjunctions are words that connect or link phrases, sentences, clauses, or words together. Martin Luther King, Elvis Presley Conjunctions & Interjections. Blog Compare and Contrast, Noun Worksheets Setting, Abbreviations Hurricane Sandy Text Structure, Subject Verb Agreement Light Spider Wright Brothers, Muhammad Ali Eclipse Situational Irony, Inspirational Women Anaphora This bundle contains 5 ready-to-use Conjunction worksheets that are perfect to test student knowledge on Conjunctions which are words that connect or link phrases, sentences, clauses, or words together. Johann Sebastian Bach The Great Barrier Reef, Hoover Dam Connecting with conjunctions. Link will appear as Conjunctions Examples & Worksheets: - KidsKonnect, November 27, 2017. Graduated Cylinders Phonics, Dramatic Irony Mount Everest There are also many other conjunctions and many different types of conjunctions. Wolf Swan A conjunction combines the two sentences with a word, and we usually use a comma when combining two sentences with a conjunction. Praying Mantis This download is exclusively for KidsKonnect Premium members!To download this worksheet, click the button below to signup (it only takes a minute) and you'll be brought right back to this page to start the download! Learn about conjunctions with Scholastic's Dr. Grammar, Marvin Terban! Look at the following example. Rocky Mountains US Independence Ohio, Australia Subtracting Money There are also many other conjunctions and many different types of conjunctions. To find out more, see our, Conjunctions Examples & Worksheets:, Abbreviations Worksheets, Examples & Definition, Prefixes Worksheets, Examples & Definition, Portmanteau Worksheets, Examples & Definition, Resources created by teaching professionals. Colorado Komodo Dragon Two-Digit Addition Colosseum, California Look at the following example: Tom likes to eat pizza, but Sarah likes to eat hamburgers. Respiratory System Nevada The second phrase is “Sarah likes to eat hamburgers.” This could also stand as its own sentence. Conjunctions are some of the most important little words you can find. Let’s look at the following examples. Odd & Even Numbers Golden Gate Bridge Battle Of The Somme Figurative Language, The Wizard of Oz Privacy Ancient Pyramids Indiana Sojourner Truth Place Value Sound, Addition Sentences Conjunctions can also join phrases together, like in this sentence: Do want to go down the hill or up the mountain? Lizard George Washington, Roald Dahl Paired Conjunctions. Ira is both a doctor and a politician. KidsKonnect is a growing library of high-quality, printable worksheets for teachers and homeschoolers.