The tone is a bit one dimensional though and you wouldn’t really want to bring this out gigging over other options on this list. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. The tone, however, is ultimately flat and fairly muddy. Geared tuners grip the string better than peg tuners, the strings are less likely to slip. This is what commonly influences the tone of a ukulele even though many are made from mahogany – cheap and expensive. This sure looks cool – SG styling, solid body and no pickup in sight. The electric uke is a hard-bodied instrument. However, sound quality ultimately isn’t great when it’s amplified. They’re built with good faith to traditional designs and tone, are attractive, come with Aquila strings and you have the choice between a Tenor with an active pickup for hotter play or a Concert with a passive pickup for gentler play. Its passive pickup is as cheap as it gets and it does show – it’s a shame, as it doesn’t really allow any sort of loud, gutsy sound to come through. It gives you some great control over your tone. 885744176, Sign up to our newsletter to receive exclusive offers & promotions plus news about our ukulele lessons and upcoming events, Kala KA-CGE Mahogany Gloss Electro Acoustic Concert Ukulele, Kala KA-BE Mahogany Electro Acoustic Baritone Ukulele, Makala MK-TE Electro Acoustic Tenor Ukulele, Kala KA-TE Mahogany Electro Acoustic Tenor Ukulele, Bohemian Surf Wax Electric Soprano Ukulele, Makala MK-CE Electro Acoustic Concert Ukulele, Bohemian Moonshine Electric Soprano Ukulele, Kala KA-TE-C Mahogany Electro Cutaway Tenor Ukulele, Bohemian Hot Sauce Electric Soprano Ukulele, Kala KA-JTE-MTW Metallic White Archtop Electro Tenor Ukulele, Bohemian Motor Oil Electric Soprano Ukulele, Duke DUCVBEA Vintage Burst Mahogany Electro Concert Ukulele, Kala KA-BFTE Bocote Butterfly Electro Acoustic Tenor Ukulele, Kala KA-SA-CE Solid Acacia Electro Acoustic Concert Ukulele, Kala KA-TEME Exotic Mahogany Electro Acoustic Tenor Ukulele, Kala KA-PWTE Pacific Walnut Electro Acoustic Tenor Ukulele, Kala KA-STGE-C Solid Spruce Top Cutaway Electro Tenor Ukulele. The big thing that affects tone within this is how the mahogany is assembled, and how well joined any pieces are. What Strings Are The Best For Electric Ukuleles? The action is smooth and slinky – it’ll be pleasing to electric guitarists and ukulele players alike. Whilst it isn’t suitable for any traditional ukelele like playing, it is a fully credible little ukelele which can pack a punch when amplified with its two pickup setup. So, now we’ve rounded off a few points about different types and parts of ukuleles, let’s move onto the conclusion. It’s a great little electric ukulele that looks and sounds good at a great price. The front is made from nice maple, and it has level frets. 12) Concert Ukulele Electric Acoustic Ukulele By HANKY KUC-EQ The HANKEY KUC-70 EQ is a robust concert ukulele that comes complete with all relevant accessories to start playing right away. Concert ukuleles are around 58cm in length and are therefore very portable, despite being a little larger than soprano ukuleles, and considerably larger than sopranino models. This comes at a low price, and looks cool, with a Hawaiian style top which is mahogany. You’ll get less noise from the body and a more accurate, electric sound for loud amplification with a solid-bodied electric uke. Cordoba guitars generally look great and this ukulele is not different. They’d be recommended over the Epiphone that rates as a more of a novelty addition to a collection than a serious instrument, and the Aileen SG where the quirky build can’t compensate for its lacklustre tone. Performance. Registered Office: Archer House Britland Estate, Northbourne Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN22 8PW, Company Registration No. You’ll either find active or passive pickups on an electro-acoustic uke. If you want to experiment with electro-acoustic ukuleles then it’s a good first option but even then, the general consensus is that other models from this guide play better. The Mahalo Ukulele Company has a certain amount of authority in the world of acoustic ukuleles compared to the other brands we’ve seen thus far. Fingerpicking strings hard results in poppy sounds which jump out of the mix. The pickup transmits a warm but occasionally fairly muddy tone and you’ll have to play quietly to keep the ukulele operating at the appropriate dynamics for amplified play. Nylon is traditional and provides a fuller sound that best complements a uke’s small body. In its classic figure of 8 shape, it’s comfortable to play and is light and maneuverable making it great for small-handed players. It has two single-coil pickups with a 3-way selector, and when cranked it really does sound like an electric guitar with satisfyingly trebley sounds that suit shreddy riffs and picked play. It has a warm wood build which is varnished well and it appears soft and glowing. The piezo pickup is passive meaning you don’t need a battery. These have solid bodies and look like mini electric guitars. It has nylon strings which are unusual for a solid-body and has volume and tone knobs. There’s no hollow body, like a conventional electric guitar. These, like electro-acoustic guitars, have the hollow body and either passive or active pickups for amplification. If you’re thinking about playing live or having some fun with the world of FX pedals, you’ll need to go electric. This is a popular size among musicians as you can generate an excellent sound from this ukulele and the fret board is big enough for most people to navigate quite easily. The intonation is great and it’s easy to tune. The guitar is weighted towards the body which some will like. Plastic is seldom a better option than wood though for musical instruments. This is a portable best bass Ukulele designed to play … The Hola! Going electric! Among their most popular current models is the concert-sized Mahalo EUK-200. There are two types of electric ukuleles: When shopping for any guitar or ukulele the different traditional wood types affect sound greatly, and the price too! With Aquila nylon strings and gear tuners, the 20TE-CM is kitted out nicely and has an active pickup which uses a 9V battery to power it. It’s a classic LP style build with laminate wood and two single coil pickups with a 3-way switcher. You can learn more about how we use cookies by reading our Privacy Policy. The are the soprano, concert, alto and tenor, with the largest ukulele being a baritone. To find one of the best concert ukuleles under $200 which has electronics included is rare. To solve this, best electric ukuleles were invented to connect ukes to amplifiers in order to open up a new world of sonic possibilities. Playability is easy and the ukulele fits well into the hands and body.