I find birds that are light sitters can sometimes be problem parents, especially if they and not in a hurry to return to the nest box after they have forgotten about being spooked. This is more typical of younger birds, especially if they have not been on a lifecycle diet programme. It is more difficult to be 100% sure of the genetics of any young produced as Gouldian finches can sometimes be promiscuous. Birds can chose their own mate. When selecting pairs of birds to cage breed things don’t always go as expected. 20 breeding cages for sale 4 budgie 27inx15 1/4inx11 3/4inches 5 finch/canarie 42inx15 1/4in 11 3/4 in 5 finch/canarie 41 1/2inx15 1/4x 11 3/4in 6 finch/canarie... 9 gumtree.com Affiliate Disclosure, VIVOHOME Wrought Iron Large Bird Cage for Small Birds, Nova Microdermabrasion Large Playtop Bird Cage, Flyline Stackable Breeding Cage with Nest Pan, Mcage Portable Double Roof Top Hanging Flight Bird Cage, The 15 Best Finch Food 2020 (Reviews & Guide), The 13 Best Hummingbird Food 2020 (Reviews & Buying Guide), The 15 Best Macaw Food 2020 in the Market (Reviews & Guide), Top 15 Best Small Fish Tank 2020 (Reviews & Guide), The 15 Best Macaw Cage 2020 (Reviews & Guide), The 15 Best Food for Pigeons 2020 (Reviews & Guide), The 15 Best Treats For Cockatiels 2020 (Reviews & Guide). Adding a little nesting material inside the new nest box will assist the busy parents in preparation for the next round. This is why I keep hand raising formula handy just in case such a situation should arise. There is greater control over which birds you are breeding. They are easily spooked out of the nest and neither bird is in a hurry to return. The injured bird was a recently weaned juvenile that hadn’t learned to stay well away from the nesting cock bird’s particular nest box. Gouldian parents that attack or harm their newly hatched chicks should be dealt with in a different manner. Get the whole Gouldian lifecycle right with the correct diet at the correct times, then your already halfway there to improving your breeding results. It really is quite pleasant; please listen to the video below. Let the hen finishing laying and see how things progress for the pair with incubating and raising young. More often than not, these birds are being fostered in the first place because they are victims of chick pitching themselves. Large, Bird, Pet, Reptile, Cage, Display, Aviary, Double Breeders, Indoor Flight. Both birds are often sitting in the nest together. Gouldian finches seem to abide by an unwritten rule that if there are enough nest boxes available then they will honour the nesting sites already taken by other birds and they will stay out of these nests, even if these nest boxes are in more preferred locations. However, they will spend more time defending their nesting site from nosy neighbours, which can interrupt the incubation process more frequently then you or I would when we carefully and efficiently tend our bird’s needs in a breeding cage. Many believe this makes a stronger pair bond that leads to better breeding. This Japanese quail has been hatched in incubators for multiple generations due to their reputation of being bad parents, this has perpetuated the problem which now results in the bird’s distinct lack of ability when it comes to raising its own young. Although each method of breeding has it’s positive and negatives, I find they counter balance each other when it comes to breeding success. However, one reason for young birds abandoning their eggs, which I have experienced myself, was simply because one of them accidently cracked an egg shell and they seemed unsure what to do about it. Note this only applies to birds kept in same sex flights prior to breeding, birds from a mixed sex flight may have already paired up with each other, hence why no courtship has been witnessed. This now becomes a double edged sword for not only are you left with a bird that may be unsure how to correctly care for the young of its own species, but could potentially be carrying genes with a propensity to want to pitch chicks out of the nest. The cock will almost inevitably start the building of a new nest on the same day he pitches the chicks out, this can be an indicator that the cock bird is out of breeding sync. Thus by leaving chicks with their parents to watch the next round being raised can only lead to positive impact. Make sure you do provide plenty of room if you choose to colony breed, so that when misunderstandings do happen between breeding birds there is always somewhere for the less confrontational bird to fly away to. Occasionally you might find a slightly underdeveloped chick on the cage/aviary floor before their due fledging date. I have designed the S.P.I guide with a number of key problem factors for chick pitching in mind, these factors are recognised throughout the Gouldian breeding world.