Analogies with other languages (e.g. Like this article and want more in your inbox? But if you have free choice, learn Egyptian. But I especially don’t like Duolingo Arabic because. In every one of those situations, Egyptian Arabic or English was more useful for me. I am — but for most people, as a second Arabic language. Most of them are free or cheap! I replied in Egyptian. But I haven’t seen any costs aside from that. It’s possible they’ll totally revamp it, but the pace has been slow. Some scholars or language learners say we should learn MSA first as a foundation, but just as many others say you don’t have to. BY USING THIS WEBSITE YOU ACCEPT OUR COOKIES POLICY. Three ways in which knowing Chinese helps you learn Korean — as well as a couple of ways in which it’s no help at all! All the ways to say “Help” in Spanish — plus regional variations on the phrase. This course is available to stream or download via the Michel Thomas Method Library app. We learned to speak Egyptian Arabic for one reason: to communicate with everyday people. A lot of people just starting out can’t really fathom the difference between the kinds of Arabic. Unlike Egyptian Colloquial Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic is universal across Arab countries. Grammar is taught alongside real everyday usage of the language, from dialogue to written text. Once you know one, you’ll have more cross-dialect fluency, because MSA vocabulary overlaps with all dialects. in Spanish, then you probably don’t have time to Google how to say it. Modern Standard Arabic – A fascinating language. It’s used in newscasts, international politics and formal presentations, and is absolutely never used colloquially. Mahmoud Gaafar is a native Arabic speaker born and brought up in Egypt. I think the general consensus is that you should study it in university, either full-time or in a summer program. If you ever see a foreign leader presenting at the UN, it’s likely MSA. Knowing more than one dialect of Arabic is like knowing multiple Latin-based languages. Learn MSA Arabic online. There are broadly three levels of Arabic: Let’s put Classical Arabic to one side. So what’s the deal? The courses focus on professional topics, link words and the structure of complex sentences. There are many dialects of Arabic you could learn to speak, and it would make sense to learn the one of the place in which you plan on spending the most time. Studying a spoken Arabic dialect instead of standard Arabic has multiple advantages. Join our somewhat exclusive mailing list! Michel Thomas Method® is a registered trademark of Michel Thomas, used by Hodder&Stoughton under exclusive license.Digital products purchased from this site are sold by Hachette UK. You’ll learn the dialects quickly. In addition, there are 89 language lessons once you learn to read the Arabic … Available only for a few days, Resources, books, and online courses to learn Modern Standard Arabic — plus what you shouldn’t waste your time on. Arabic-speaking children learn the rules of MSA at school and can therefore use it to be understood anywhere in the Arab World. This beginner digital course is taught by Michel Thomas Method teacher Jane Wightwick and native speaker Mahmoud Gaafar. Unfortunately, there’s no audio in either section, so you should feel comfortable with pronouncing Arabic already. If you need to cry Help! You can definitely teach yourself a lot. But when you are talking about complicated things like politics, economics, or current events, you’ll find that most of the words are (basically) the same. Check out our Black Friday language learning deals — up to 60% off! Recently, in Jordan, a taxi driver spoke to me in MSA. Matthew also suggests the Practice Makes Perfect series for Arabic by the same authors. The Foundation Modern Standard Arabic course includes 10 hours of audio material, breaking down the language into building blocks that are introduced sequentially, helping you to move on to ever-more-complex sentences. You, the learner, become the third student and participate actively in the class. In general, we don’t recommend apps and think Duolingo starts to feel like a game more than anything else. There are definitely many more professional books for Modern Standard Arabic. I have a physical copy in my home (sadly, too big to travel with) and it’s one of my prized resources, bought decades ago. It’s also good for other dialects — in fact there’s more content for Egyptian and Levantine Arabic in there. Plus, you’ll generally be up to date. Arabic Language About: Modern Standard Arabic has developed out of Classical Arabic, the language of the Quran. She is also a qualified language teacher and editor and has worked for a number of organizations both in and outside the Arab World. This is another free website that is broken into sections covering grammar, vocabulary, reading/writing, and a bunch of other subtopics. stop looking up signs in Google Translate!). Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is an instrument of communication between all Arabic speakers. MSA is the standardised, universal and technically correct form of Arabic derived from classical Arabic. In these cases speaking MSA will serve you very well. I don’t recommend Duolingo Arabic, even though it teaches MSA. MSA is not your ideal vehicle to make friends, order food, or shoot the breeze. It all seems so foreign! MSA is a good starting point in learning the fundamental basics of speaking Arabic. Dialect of course refers to any of the many local varieties of Arabic spoken across North Africa and the Middle East, and Modern Standard Arabic is the variety you see and hear when you turn on the news or read a newspaper. Poking around the internet in my quest to learn/improve my MSA, this is what I’ve found. There are lots of thematic conversations with video/audio, full transcription, and explanation. I personally used an ancient version of this book and audio CDs back in the year 2000s, and I still think it’s the best resource for the self-learner. In this live lesson you’ll join 2 students, learning from their successes and mistakes to keep you motivated and involved throughout the course. But the “Teach Yourself” book is really well-balanced for a few reasons. Disclosure: Some of the links in this article earn us a referral commission. Arabic is spoken by over 200 million people in North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and the Middle East, and in several other countries it is an official, albeit not universally spoken, language. Arabic-speaking children learn the rules of MSA at school and can therefore use it to be understood anywhere in the Arab World. But for those of you who are prepared for everything, here’s everything you need to know. A very helpful person has put together publicly available videos of people speaking Arabic, and included subtitles in the dialect, MSA, and English.