If DIP, switch is in the "on" or "up" position place, a 1, "off" or "down" position place a 2 in. Press and release the Smart/Learn button on. Download: Liftmaster keypad 387lm manual Read Online: Liftmaster keypad 387lm manual Download PDF Ebook and Read OnlineStanley Garage Door Manual. LiftMaster Model 387LM, 387LMC Universal Wireless Keyless Entry Owner's Manual This article will help you to be successful when programming your 387LM/387LMC Keyless Entry. 0000015778 00000 n 0000075545 00000 n 0000003640 00000 n 0000218683 00000 n �E|�;2���S�В+'���x�N�����+��[���nYƁ@�{1u��qr�mϘx�����rDJ���ѝ�I 9ˡ�Z3ٱ�V�}���Q��N= 0000216682 00000 n Remove battery and mount keypad using screws provided. NOTICE: To comply with FCC and or Industry Canada (IC) rules, adjustment or modifications of this receiver and/or transmitter. 0000002782 00000 n 0000033177 00000 n �њ��9��p�|���-?LM1$�%���YY�OO1E�P�����^?[�/���Ϯ��. Start with garage door closed. You have been successfully registered. Refer to owner’s manual if necessary. Press * and # keys together until keypad, 6. Helpful pdf guide to the chamberlain 387lm keypad with reprogramming instructions and guide to reset my opener or troubleshoot my garage door opener. LiftMaster Partner Phone Support 800-528-2806. To test and use, enter your new, Chamberlain, LiftMaster and Moore-O-Matic are Trademarks of Chamberlain Group. 0000148469 00000 n Start with garage door closed. Refer to owner's manual if necessary. Universal Wireless Keyless Entry. Start with garage door, closed. 0000004327 00000 n Stanley is a Trademark of The Stanley Works. Sears is a Trademark of Sears & Roebuck. LiftMaster Professional 387LM remote starter pdf manual download. 0000016480 00000 n 0000218065 00000 n 0000020261 00000 n How to Programme your LiftMaster Keypad to a new PIN number; You need to find the ‘Learn’ button on the opening device. 0000217102 00000 n We have emailed you a verification link to to complete your registration. 0000075958 00000 n 0000002648 00000 n Remove battery cover to expose mounting holes. 0000012108 00000 n 0000031995 00000 n 0000217234 00000 n ����_�W 0000013006 00000 n Determine garage door opener type - Smart/Learn button or DIP, Switch. Replace the 9-Volt battery when keypad light becomes dim. 0000105956 00000 n 0000193507 00000 n 0000218824 00000 n 8. 0000002940 00000 n 0000032266 00000 n Linear is a Trademark of Linear Corporation. LiftMaster products are intended to be used only with garage door openers manufactured after 1993 that utilize photo-eyes safety sensors. To program the Liftmaster 387LM Universal Wireless Keypad you will first need to determine what brand garage door opener you have and if has DIP switches or a learn button for programming. 0000216858 00000 n 7. 0000217400 00000 n This may be on the wall control, or on the opener remote. To prevent possible SERIOUS INJURY or DEATH from a moving gate or garage door: • ALWAYS keep remote controls out of reach of children. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this, device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that. 0000217700 00000 n 0000140544 00000 n 10. 0000096023 00000 n 0000181975 00000 n 0000217797 00000 n 0000031619 00000 n 0000004846 00000 n 0000003563 00000 n 0000020296 00000 n Determine garage door opener type - Smart/Learn button or DIP Switch. Slide cover up, remove battery cover, ... LIFTMASTER, 387LMC, 387LM, REMOTE CONTROL, WIRELESS KEYLESS ENTRY, PROGRAMMING INSTRUCTIONS OWNER S MANUAL Printable View « Go Back. Determine garage door opener type - Smart/Learn button or DIP Switch. 0000110803 00000 n 0000032534 00000 n 0000216985 00000 n 27 0 obj <> endobj xref 27 100 0000000016 00000 n For every dip switch in the ON or Positive position, record a number 1. or external receiver. 0000119259 00000 n 0000218017 00000 n %PDF-1.6 %���� 0000218538 00000 n 3. 0000012640 00000 n 0000085752 00000 n 0000075719 00000 n 0000218385 00000 n 0000113791 00000 n NOTE: Your motor unit and/or remote control may look different. 0000170369 00000 n Refer to owner’s manual if necessary. 0000217556 00000 n Do It is a trademark of Do It Best Corporation. 0000181938 00000 n 2. Call LiftMaster Partner Support. 0000002296 00000 n 0000140581 00000 n • If battery is swallowed, immediately notify doctor. To test and use, wait until light turns off. 0000193544 00000 n 0000218433 00000 n Secure keypad to, a smooth surface. 0000216645 00000 n Enter your 4 digit PIN and press the 0 key. LiftMaster 387LM Programming @ Veteran Garage Door - YouTube Overhead. 0000217353 00000 n Enter DIP switch sequence from step 3, 9. The Smart/Learn button or DIP Switches are located on motor unit. 0000002990 00000 n 0000218262 00000 n 0000006501 00000 n 0000218138 00000 n LiftMaster Partner Email Support . 0000217844 00000 n 0000065294 00000 n KPW250 Wireless Keypad | Parts | LiftMaster LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Model 8355W Owner's Manual LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Models 8550W, 8550WL, 8550WLB, 8550WLB-267, 8557W, Page 4/20 These are always located on or near the bottom of the door track. 0000033474 00000 n Door is a Trademark of Overhead Door Corporation. Tested to Comply with FCC Standards FOR HOME OR OFFICE USE. Wayne Dalton is a trademark of Wayne Dalton.