BIBLE DISCUSSION GROUP STUDY QUESTIONS In preparation for Sunday, February 10, 2008 Passage: Luke 5:1-11 Memory Passage: Matthew 4:19 TODAY: From your study this past week, what is one thing that impressed you that can be of help in your life? %���� (Think: Did the Holy Spirit always reveal to people things they did not already know – cf. John 14:26? � ��d�U������R��C�q�ڃ���=��(��_�����ۮ�|��E�A ��r�%{�'X�m[lW�+a���6�oH}!��Ǣ�"�,Xg���M��%`�^R5��\���{L��5�����4�f�I�S7��6��O`�@QkcN�&�$ֆ��u�M �Ҽv9���(Rl%ymFq9�\.�ռiFq9��F.�������q9�.h���j�]�XK��(P� bU��睿z �e�b�����1 Aoޕ����h^5�L݁�tSX�4*_Uܡ6��9m�wd���x���u�ČIŦ_T��pЁ6�+o�j)�A�htZu9w���Mi�Q؄�2�6���v@!$�t��\ck�[�=l. stream %�쏢 This is a simplified version of the similar account in Matthew 6 (which was at a different time, it seems). Levi responds immediately by leaving everything behind (Repentance). There seems to be a dearth of discussion questions which address this desire--hence these materials. (verse 2) How did Luke rely on eyewitnesses in writing his Gospel? 5:25-34)? Describe how your life is a call to constant turning away from sin and toward Jesus. DAY 1 – ASK FOR INSIGHT READ THE PASSAGE (a) Read Luke 5:1-3. endobj stream Prayer - Luke 11:5-13, 18:1-8 - Bible Study & Discussion Context of Luke 11:5-13 What we call "the Lord’s prayer". %PDF-1.5 5:33 John’s disciples often fast and pray. 3. (c) When faith is mentioned, what is the object of that faith? {O29��Щp. �{X�؀B�]�`�l�a�G�~��ܖ�D��WEҚ;3JR%�C���!X���I�M-�Ч�g+t1�j�":8;����Ɖ��jf����$���3[����: *���T�ɺeK��5d�����b�[�m2� �Cm��upi���ݝ��ntE�Fb�b|�T�6*�ւ;��~�vxX��A"T� In Acts 3:6 what was the object of Peter’s faith? Read Luke 1:1-4. I am currently in a small group at Rochester CRC filled with more smart folks who have a strong penchant for analysis and deep thought. 2. How did Simon respond to Jesus’ … <> a. Name at least 2 facts you know about Luke (use concordance). <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> 3 0 obj <> What reason did Luke give why he wrote the book? 1���O��R?��j�n?���(��j�?����ɯ (d) Is faith pleasing to God (Hebrews 11:6)? x��ZYo9~7���Gi1ͳً@�d��"� ��}P�F�3jɆ��T�nR;�Eฏb�.�WUm��{�����]�j>g������뷂 �+;\��V�?��\Vkíc_nOO*v���;=��|����d���Ɇ����d;5��i3����줝� � �Wu�]�n{Z����%�L#yL�ZqװZU=ˏ�?A�*��?%�Z����:_=+�Z.EJ�*^ �ؗ��D�d5J&.5��K�k�vuzr����q�1'���H&6��YVW�;t��C���i����C2R�C������B�4W�9�k]VC�ާ{���h��h`�d��xfh�����:Vq!3�,Y�Z�J�\M~�Cñ�{8��|x�i1�$o\ƫaBY���Jp�c�u�Ծ=Ԡ[�*tP�x�Gs6��o����lei)4揔�� 1 Supplement – Bible Study Questions 807 Bible Study questions prepared for group discussions The Gospel of Luke. �nc�Cí�$;�8=��Lq���?�":�_���t����a}Oo(C ���'\���w>�\ �}����tN5�J�3����9���?сEO�q�cZ`k��d��=��=m�D�čah�LE̺\A�C|�$Ւ�($��x����-۬�AO�vl٢;�ly�lA�:b!�3�Ww�+z�.�DO�܀"G�0�R��������Q\l��*zN��s�t�92sj�����,�>C[}m���̱�,;� q�L�lC3���zb;���(�&u��+6�����5��&� %�ڸ:^6]s-��M�%uSƣP8�r�,�zSU�mUi7�)�6 \_TU��n�5ܞ� �����5�m�������7�H��a�s���|��\b� [`Io��|�gy��]���dA����= v��9�>>��jϱ:���ҫ���΅�ZX�� v禪��,U�9�('�0s�+�C�A�r��ڰ�XHO���l��:x�C� F� ��ʨ 1�GW9ZR}�i��_�i�^4� ����� Is … If Luke was inspired, of what value Gospel of Luke Questions 5 Luke 5 Luke 5–9 tells about Jesus’ Galilean ministry, His disciples, and the early opposition to Him. <> 1. 3:1-5)? Luke Chapter 1 1. To whom did Luke address the book – 1:1-4? The reference to John’s disciples praying was added by Luke, who also pointed out in 11:1 that they had a specific prayer or way of praying that identified them as a group. Where else is this name mentioned? Read Luke 4:40-44 again. That John had disciples is evident here and in 7:18–19; 11:1. Is the faith of individuals and others always necessary for Jesus to heal (Mk. 1. Small Groups Study Guide Luke 5:27-32 Study Questions 1. 2. In Luke 5:27-28 Jesus called Levi to follow Him, whereas in verse 32, Jesus describes His call as a call to repentance. In Luke 5:20 whose faith does Jesus see? x��]ے7�}�+�΄ON�/��1m�`ݦ1�U@�PE5v������"�%i)�:U؞h�"�R׭}]�����w��qw��ݝ�����K��;��g��gz��Ӌ��=Q/GC6�GO��)���Q1��Pue�ꇋ;?�n��v����]��M�����Ϊ���L�h����(����n�g�P��z}�g͐7��w�"��R�����,��v�"�ʶ����P4����j�U�����T�E��m^�ߵ��X�Ǐ�w�V�eE_`O�ơέ¨��'㤚��^�I}O����_�U��P ͼ>SS0=i?4=��;��'�L��gy=Ԏ41VV�v������ZM�>�T-wm�����UEU_��o��S��vE�����q��lU�(e���Z͠��W^�E �"�7�3v>��~}>O��I�S�y=� ����M�Ҕ�L�Ĵ�Az�L� �~ܮeY�I�O��6�8ޓ�矛����efey\����sש����H�\����~)M[��i2գ*�e�^�T|4�K�����g��{'��n�:�ۦ��_�A��ݝ6��J\܇��婬ݫ]U�Q%�/5���h��Dž鳓eܛ>e�Z�Y����c�LZ��y���۬)˦U�YH�B����+��q����̪����#C�'r`�u4E����}ל��y(l�y{�+{�=�A/k�J��mk�}������ #Q��T��w����7����,ҽ]�5}Y���aJߛ�]��ve�/;R��GZ�4�g����]�gM��8�z��{�E-4���\�%yo��L^��D������;74�кy��T�G �4��$� gE���.