Marzipan vs Fondant Conclusion Both marzipan and fondant are great materials for cake icing. Fondant contains gelatin and hence, the icing stays stable when it is rolled in different forms in order to decorate the cakes. Fondant is a better alternative for decorating cakes which are white as it is impossible to make marzipan completely white as it consists of almonds. While they both are made of almonds, marzipan and almond paste are completely different creatures. Marzipan is the paste of ground almonds used to make shapes for candies and cake decorations. Marzipan is a nut paste that is used as a cake covering or a cake undercoat or small figure modelling. Marzipan is the choice if you wish for an icing that is not too sweet, or an icing whose texture is more solid. Check out the Food Network show The Ace of Cakes sometime. Ha látott szalagokat és rózsákat egy tortán, és azon tűnődött, vajon mi az, hogy ezekből a díszítő elemekből készültek, akkor lehetnek marcipán vagy fondant. Sweet Heart Cakes, Crafts and more 50,932 views Although fondant and marzipan are both used in cake decoration and candy making, they have distinct differences. Marzipan is smooth, sweet, and often dyed and molded into shapes. However, when nut or almond allergy is an issue, then you should choose fondant. Fondant is also the choice for people with a sweet tooth. I can be molded and rolled and gives cakes a beautiful finish. Almond paste, however, is coarser, less sweet, and used as an ingredient or filling for baked goods. He and his friends make the most awesome cakes using fondant. Homepage › Forums › Fondant and Gum Paste Figures › Marzipan vs. Fondant Creator Topic February 18, 2013 at 3:50 … Rolled fondant is a cake covering. Fondant is a pliable frosting. It's sometimes used for modelling, but it has an element of "softness" that makes for droopy figurines and flowers .. Gum paste is a modelling medium that dries hard. Of the two types of fondant, rolled and poured, rolled is used in cake decorating for professional, sleek-looking cakes, whereas poured may be used as … Fondant tastes better than marzipan as it contains only water and sugar. It’s also used to cover sweets much like fondant and is sometimes eaten as is. Cover a cake with Marzipan & Fondant - How to decorate a fruit cake tutorial - Duration: 8:56. Great for figurines and flowers. Fondant vs Marzipan A fondant és a marcipán két különféle dolog, amelyek felhasználhatók a sütemények díszítésére.