Follow your compass through the next lengthy area to find out some things about yourself. Head all the way in, melt the ice around the override switch, and use it. Minerva's Den: Vacuum Bot Location Guide (Garbage Collection Achievement). © Valve Corporation. Relative to where you entered, head left and enter the Airlock. When you reach the bathysphere, hope aboard with Tenenbaum and hit the lever to complete the DLC, and unlock the following achievement: A huge congratulations on completing all the achievements for this awesome game, and thanks for using TrueAchievements walkthroughs! We have a couple things to do first. A basic text guide for finding all the Vacuum Bots in the Minerva’s Den DLC. Go through the next room past the weird mannequin lady, and into the main hub area. Grab the audio log lying in the spotlight when you reach the room at the end. Head around to the end of this room to grab the Incinerate 2 Plasmid and ride the elevator back up. When you see a flashing red sign that says "Overdrive", turn right and go upstairs. Hunt yourself up a Big Daddy in this area, brutally kill him, and take his Little Sister. Head through the door at the top of the stairs and grab the Security Command Plasmid off the bar counter. It plays just the same as the original game, with the addition of new enemies, weapons, etc. After the opening cut scene, follow the only path to the airlock and activate it. Facing the front of the desk, go right, down some stairs and look at the bookshelf. Complete the gather in this room, then head into the watery area next to the library and grab the Gene Tonic there, Have Little Sister lead you to the second gather spot and complete it. Leave the airlock, go left, and grab the audio log from the end of this hallway. Enter and turn right, go through the door next to the Vita-Chamber, turn left into the flooded area and grab the Gene Tonic. Now head all the way back to the hub room and go to the Air-Tite Archives. Head right and through the door. Go back downstairs and head farther into the Archives. There are 10 Vacuum Bots roaming this DLC. Go back to the hub room and head back upstairs to Central Computing. Score 9,999 points at Spitfire to unlock the following achievement: Turn left from the Spitfire game and go through the door to a wooden catwalk. Knock out the metal grate in the back wall and crouch through. Please see the. Head back up to the control room and reactivate The Thinker. Head through the previously frozen door and use the handle on the airlock to end this level, and unlock this achievement: Head inside and go left down the stairs. Follow your compass all the way back out of here and go to Computer Core Access. Head back up past the Gatherer's Garden and go to Computer Core Access to find out can't get in. Head through the next door straight ahead and turn left. Go to the Archives to find out can't get in. Pass through the door straight ahead and look in the back of this room to find Vacuum Bot 10/10. Keep taking right turns until you reach a control room. Destroy it to unlock the following achievement: Destroy all 10 Vacuum Bots in Minerva's Den. Head back to the main area of Programming, find yourself a Big Daddy, and kill him. This walkthrough will be divided into three sections that correspond with the three separate areas of the game: Minerva's Den, Operations, and The Thinker. Turn her in at a nearby vent and prepare to face Big Sister. Grab the upgraded shotgun off the file cabinet straight ahead. “The Thinker knows what you're going to do with that, and it isn't happy.” ― Reed Wahl[src] Gravity Well is a Plasmid introduced for the Minerva's Den DLC for BioShock 2. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), Take the stairs on the right down and hack the door panel through the hole in the ceiling, then go back up stairs and enter. Count the number of books in each of the four groups of books and enter that code in the combination lock under the desk. Now you have the Gravity Well Plasmid, but don't leave Minerva's Den just yet. Head into the next room and crouch under the duct pipe near a dead Big Daddy to the right to grab the upgraded launcher. Search this area for a Big Daddy and kill him to unlock your first achievement: Adopt his Little Sister and complete the gather here in the hub room. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. Adopt the Little sister and complete the two gathers. Pick up the machine gun weapon on the left and destroy Vacuum Bot 7/10 at the end on the right. Head around to the other door, go inside, and grab the Gene Tonic on the desk. Hey you should strongly consider publishing this guide to the Bioshock 2 Remastered Community. Take your time, there are no enemies in this area. Hack all the security in here. After the cut scene, leave the control room and kill Wahl. ". They are as follows: The Japanese, Korean, and Russian PC versions of the game do not contain this DLC pack. Head back to the hub room, kill the Big Daddy, and steal his Little Sister. and its users have no affiliation with any of this game's creators or copyright holders and any trademarks used herein belong to their respective owners.