Refers to the dual lands with basic land types that enter tapped unless you have two or more basics already in play. At its worst, it causes your opponents to slow down their game, granting you time to set up for a big win. You can make swaps for inexpensive choices without hindering the decks overall functionality, even if it is less shiney ;), SCORE: 828 | If you see to many spells with a higher CMC than 3, consider pitching it. Export to Archidekt. Ertai, the Corrupted has some flexibility in his build due to his ability, which is a very strong one. Optimization requires that the deck only plays cards that are necessary and powerful. The sorceries in this deck act similarly to the instants. With his life gain ability, you can get a little safety cushion for yourself. The following cards are being considered for removal from the deck: The following cards are being considered for inclusion into the deck: Another "free" counter to help combo pieces resolve or stop opponent's combo pieces. If you try and disobey me, loot me, or overtake me; I will show you the error in your ways. ***Credit to GhostChieftain for this cards inclusion.***. This card also combos with Walking Ballista to infinitely damage opponent's and gain life. The Gitrog Monster; A fast and resilient combo deck that utilizes Dakmor Salvage to draw the deck and loop spells for the win, at instant speed if necessary. This card acts as a way to get a little extra out of your used spells. For years I sit, watch, protect. When they finally decide to pay attention, you have more life then they can take, some powerful build up with control in your hand. This is done by having the ballista enter with 2 counters on it, then Heliod gives it lifelink. This card stops your opponent's from being able to search their libraries, slowing them down. Smother Tithe is an overall value card. They are utilized for the purpose of control and its benefits. This card is a great way of permanently getting rid of an annoying non-land permanent, and oloro's ability eliminates the downside. Zur is definitely the preferred competitive commander for this color combo but that doesn't mean Oloro can't do things too. You'll win, but it won't be enjoyable for anyone else. 4.50 TIX. The chosen artifacts of the deck are as follows: This card help with mana acceleration. The rest are common control cards with some edge hate like Leyline of the Void. It can remove an enchantment causing you problems, draw you cards which accelerate your control, or it can remove potential threats by causing directly from your opponent's hand. This synergy helps represent some of the lifegain being used to help with the control by giving Karlov more counters in a turn to help remove more permanents from your opponent's. It's low casting cost and high utility helps make it a great asset. For this reason I did not chose this card. I stops your opponents from casting their biggest spells early and can stop combos that play spells for free. Victorious, I enter my throne room. This stops creature strategies like Thrasios, Triton Hero from going off. Those categories are as follows: Heliod, Sun-Crowned + Karlov of the Ghost Council, Gains, Drains, and Plantains: The Story of Oloro, Commander Legends Update — Lifegain I highly recommend playtesting the deck many times before deciding to build it. The creatures in here help support and protect this deck. Its second ability can temporarily remove threats on board, delaying your opponents. The first rule about your opening hand, with this deck, is that you must not be afraid to take aggressive mulligans. They will almost always come into play untapped and produces 2 colors allowing you to keep tempo during a match. Reanimator: Animate Dead, Necromancy and Entomb make up this suite. TCGplayer: $0.00. This stage begins when you have a win condition in your hand and your opponents resources are almost depleted. You'll run into issues preserving the consistency and power of the list if you have to make too many changes. Now there are a few exceptions that can be made to some extent. It has a strong abilities, but the creature has a major weakness. They are more impactful due to their slower play than the instants. The land base in this deck combines optimized color fixing with strong utility effects. I run an optimized land base, and the three ABUR/Original duals and nine fetch lands cost quite a bit. Victorious, I sits on my ever cold, frigid throne. They accelerate you to help keep pace with decks and they can produce colorless without life penalty later in the game when the colors aren't relevant. Clipboard (0 Cards) Card Kingdom: $0.00. The lifegain in the deck makes the downside more manageable. ***Credit to GhostChieftain for this cards inclusion.***. The main point of this stage is to set up enough advantage to guarantee a steady lead for the coming turns. That is why I didn't consider it for my deck. If you want flexibility in your builds, this just wasn't a good choice. It is entirely dependent upon your opponents, but it also causes them to play differently. Once I return I to warm my throne, more come to conquer my realm. This card is great for not only allowing you to gain life but draw cards at the same time, which may trigger other cards. There are more synergies that is found while playing the deck that will be found only by playing the deck. This allows you to respond in a more organized manner. This card stops your opponent's from activating create abilities. If you find yourself in the rare situation where you have two or more colorless lands, consider pitching the hand to try for color-producing lands. Oloro is the only creature commander that you get a benefit from without ever casting him OR another creature. Exile This deck isn't the easiest to build on a budget based on the mana base alone. by NinjaBunny01, ==========================================================================================. But there is pretty much two choices with this card: control using enchantments or control with creatures. Both ways can be durasically different in terms of builds, but will play almost the same. Its play strategy can be broken up into four stages: These stages are broken down with explanations and goals as followed below: This deck is typically played in games that uses the "new" London Mulligan. Discord Server | Sharuum the Hegemon was the first Commander/EDH deck I built. It's definitely a Mid to late game choice often. Terms of Use | One, all but a few of my cards are dead cards (in a blind meta). This card acts like a free spell. This card is a cheap and effect tutor that can be used at instant speed, allowing you to quickly find that answer you need for your next turn or at that moment. The main point of this stage is to win the game. All while keeping resources available for other things. This card is overall utility. Although control is an important element of both Stage II and Stage III, the emphasis in Stage III is to squash any attempt of advance and pick at their win conditions and resources. It is cost efficient and the card picked remains unknown to your opponents. The deck's primary weaknesses are against hyper ramp-combo and other control decks. Moneystax. ______________________________________________________________________________________________. Attention! This card is a low costed and efficient counter all spell. A counterspell or tutor also wouldn't hurt. Each time I fight, I destroy and obliterate. There are a few different combinations/synergies in the deck that will help you. When you can afford to, cast draw engines like Rhystic Study, Phyrexian Arena, and Well of Lost Dreams. Don't let the Oloro haters on this sub change your mind u/poopiepantie. Don't relax and become complacent. ***Credit to Kootaroo for this cards inclusion.***.