A photographic signature database of European Ceramic Artists, Work-shops & Factories. diam., together with six other plates including trials (some : POOLE POTTERY Co (1873-) No Category: Sold for: 167 GBP: March 2004: A POOLE POTTERY VASE DESIGNED AND PAINTED BY JACQUELINE MACKENZIE, c.1975 printed, painted and … New Address. A POOLE POTTERY MOON DISH FROM THE SUN AND MOON COLLECTION BY ALAN CLARKE, 2000 painted and stencilled marks, 1/1000, certificate 25cm. maybe signatures were less important. Most of Ann Read's plates show a unique Poole Pottery Studio mark, the design name and the designer's signature. Tuesday, 29 May 2018. Welcome About Recently added Stig Lindberg Discovery may 2010 Exhibition André Freymond UP-TO-DATE Italy Mid-Century (124 items) Traditional ceramics Fanciullacci Brothers Artists/Workshops A/Z France Switzerland Scandinavia Holland Germany & Austria Belgium England Spain Links Alphabetical list … Above - top left to bottom right - unsigned plate, Ann Read paintress mark 'R' dated 20.4.1955, pattern AW, pattern UG snow goose and 'the 8.45 - 3'. Monograms and Initialed Signatures. The range was a natural progression from the ‘Delphis Collection’ of studio pottery in standardised shapes launched in October 1963. Although monograms and initials (including conjoined initials) are quite different from each other, they are always placed in the same category. A photographic signature database of European Ceramic Artists, Work-shops & Factories. Poole Pottery is nearly always marked on the base; it is very rare to find an unmarked piece. ... Adams, John (GB) > Poole pottery Adnet, Jean & Jacques (FR) 1900-1984 Aegitna, Atelier (FR) Vallauris Agard, Jules (FR) 1905-1986 (touneur Massier/Madoura pr. This section is arranged alphabetically, according to the letters in the monograms or initialed signatures. GDPR has struck again! Understanding what the marks mean is the key to identifying and dating Poole Pottery. Above - 'Shadow play 3' Above - 'Midnight Sun-2' and 'Papyrus A-2'. Rob's Poole Pottery Blog Being busy collecting doesn't leave very much time to update the Rob's Poole Pottery website, so all my new finds I'll post on this blog, and for the main site follow the links on the right. The name Delphis has become associated with the standard range of shapes and designs produced by the new Craft Section at Poole Pottery which was opened in May 1966. Usually when someone says "not marked, but I think it’s Poole" – it isn’t! I was told when Tony Morris was re-employed there, he would maybe do 4 or 5 a week, but the girls on the production line would churn out those bold "Living Glaze" broad brush-stroke chargers at about one a minute!