An elephant and a crocodile were swimming in the Amazon, when the elephant spots a turtle sunning himself on a rock. The priest says "Oh heavens, I forgot my lures back on land" and steps out of the boat, walks across the water back to the land, and grabs his lures before walking back to the boat. Through excruciating pain, he manages to crawl back to the campsite to his friend. Saint Peter reviews their lives. " At least she got the drugs and rock and roll part right. Third Wheel Jokes. I don't know about you, but Medusa always gets me rock hard. ", What does James Hetfield order at a restaurant? because i was afraid that he would be a stoner. He is completely taken with how incredible the bar is. © 2020 Entercom Communications Corp. All rights reserved. but I think everyone would take it for granite. Mexican Word Of The Day Jokes. You want to hear the best rock puns? No quarter. He was too close to The Edge. A struggling rock band... A struggling indies band from Brooklyn, The Spoonerists, was in the process of recording their debut album. Why couldn't Robert Plant pay for a gumball? to run over 10 people while driving his truck, so the man answered: One day, a man goes to a remote village and goes to the pub. AC/DC, because they're always current. Part of RADIO.COM Music. What do you call a one-legged gingerbread man? "nice... what’s the highest you've been?". Why hasn't U2 found what they've been looking for? A short distance down a slope in front of his house, he had a garden where he would grow vegetables to supplement his diet of forest game and fish. Because lots of our favorite artists have been known to poke fun at celebrities, society and even themselves, we found fifteen rock n' roll and heavy metal jokes that we hope will put a smile on your face! A: Pop music! A rock band was booed by the crowd. A boy was walking down the street when he noticed his grandpa sitting on the porch in the rocking chair with nothing on from the waist down. He'd never seen an elephant jump with all 4 feet off the ground. How many metalheads does it take to screw in a lightbulb? After this has been going on for a couple of days, his cabinet starts to get nervous, so Pence calls Putin to see if he can help them. and the teacher says, “who can tell me what they did at recess?” Sally raises her hand and says, “I played in the sandbox.” “That sounds like fun, Sally! They know really “dirty” jokes. Two friends were hiking deep in the woods for a few days. What do you call a bass player without a girlfriend? Music Festival Jokes By admin June 27, 2014 December 22, 2019 It’s the weekend of Glastonbury, and a couple of weeks ago I found myself at the Download festival at Donington Park, so it seems as good a time as any to have a page of one-liners and puns on the topic of music festival jokes. ", "Certainly," the Chinese man said, "but on one condition. But one day johhny and his friend were walking along a beach, and saw a woman sunbathing naked. Nov 3, 2014 - Explore String and Stick's board "Music Jokes" on Pinterest. RELATED: 4 Rock Stars That Got Absolutely Burned At Their Comedy Roasts. Little did I know the window was rolled down... at least it stopped crying, Normally boring and sedimentary. A: A natural major. Back to Jokes. What would Stevie Nicks' name be if she married William Shatner? He loved it so much he could not bear not to play for more than a few days and was beggining to get addicted. Medusa: "Hey buddy, my eyes are up here.". << See All of our Jokes Categories Here! Special thanks to Pam and Craig Incontro. The horse goes, learns guitar for a few months, gets really good, and is. Every August 16th is national "Tell A Joke" Day, where everyone should tell each other at least one joke. Gimmie fries! Rock Music Jokes – 147 total . Alas, he couldn't afford to feed it. Nick Young Meme. Q: What do you get if you enroll in a liberal arts program and the only subject you do well in is music? Mission Control confirmed they were passing through the Van Halen belts. 35th Birthday Jokes. What is Axl Rose's favorite tea? The CEO yelled, "Hurry, I'm losing my grip! Because the streets have no names. He practised this cover really hard, eventually becoming inspired to create a cover of a whole Jimi H. A man was stranded in the desert with his camel. Your wife back, your life back, and your dog back. No one at his home can smell what he's cooking tonight. In the early days of his career, Elton John was approached to do background music for a movie. So he started a contest: entry was $10, and the first person to get the elephant to jump with all 4 feet off the ground wo, “I couldn’t help noticing how happy you look,” she said. Melania Trump Memes. A rock guitarist plays 3 chords for 10,000 people, The CEO, an experienced climber, reached the top of a difficult section and was holding a rope tied to both men. Music Jokes By admin November 8, 2013 January 2, 2020 Following a request at a train station yesterday evening (really! Why did Bono fall off the stage? The horse calls up his local music store and is like "I wanna learn guitar, just one problem, I'm a horse." It doesn't matter if it's really good, really bad, or just gets a short "hehe," just as long as you have a sense of humor! Because lots of our favorite artists have been known to poke fun at celebrities, society and even themselves, we found fifteen rock n' roll and heavy metal jokes that we hope will put a smile on your face! When suddenly the villain he is fighting kicks him in the butt. "Jimmy, what did you do for recess?" Dubstep is to music what an Etch-A-Sketch is to art. Steroid Funny. ), this week’s collection of not that funny or original puns and one liners is on the theme of music jokes…. Drummers are the leaches of the music world and can only be countered by being forced to get a real day job. 26. See more ideas about Music jokes, Jokes, Music humor. One of the members of the band took it … Give me a moment and I’ll dig something up. A struggling indies band from Brooklyn, The Spoonerists, was in the process of recording their debut album. But hilarious when thrown at someone. This will reduce the drummer's "coolness" factor and the daughter will immediately lose interest. A horse sees a rock band perform and thinks "Hey, I could do that." The artistic sentiment of the group led them to use ambient sounds from nature in their arrangements. Funny Asian Pictures. The deaf man says "I'd like 2 pints of bitter please" the bartender pours the pints and says to the man " that would be £16" the man says "£16 why £16" the bartender replies "that's 8 for the … One day while hopelessly walking through the sand, he found a supply bag full of water and food. Were walking along the beach when they come upon a beautiful Mermaid sitting on a rock. Johnny remembered what his mother sai, So there was a horse, and this horse was really talented. The employee says "don't worry we can do that." looks like they decided to go directly to world war 4. On the second day, while one hiker is peeing, he is bitten by a snake on his penis. TRENDING 25th Birthday Jokes. Why shouldn’t you let a geologist drive your car? Looking around, he noticed he was sitting next to Alice Cooper. One day he found himself watching youtube and stumbled upon a Jimi Hendrix song which inspired him to start a cover. They became "the Islands. Eventually he speaks to the barman and tells him how he has travelled the world but that this is the most beautiful bar he has ever seen. How do you get a guitarist off of your front porch? WAAF goodbye: Lajon Witherspoon From Sevendust Calls In To Mistress Carrie And Mike Hsu, Morgan Rose From Sevendust Calls In To Say Goodbye, What did Steven Tyler call his cook book? Once they all sat down the teacher grabbed a piece a chalk and walked to the chalkboard. He wrote the music without seeing the script, so, when the previews came up, he arrived at the cinema wondering what the movie would be like. RELATED: 4 Rock Stars That Got Absolutely Burned At Their Comedy Roasts. 'It's probably the stage sound', the bass player suggests. Yellow Teeth Jokes. 2 deaf guys walk into a bar 1 sits down and the other walks up to the bar. “Johnnie, suppose there are five birds sitting on a fence together and you throw a rock at one of them. Gimmie a salad on the side! He soon found himself on an island with no other people, no supplies, nothing, only bananas and coconuts. "Ah, that's nothing," said the 70-year-old. If not, whatever, it's a joke! A: They kept saying Bach, Bach! Johnny loved his mother, and as such decided not to look at naked women. "Very good, the teacher said, If you can come to the board and spell sand I will give you a cookie". A drummer's stool. He was good for days with these supplies, so he began his journey to find civilization again. We walked up to the hole and threw in a small rock; no sound; no signs of it hitting the bottom! RECENT TAGS. Been rock hard ever since. Click here for more information.