If you draw depths in the first few turns, it's a dead card. Cards I would need to add: From experience - no. Skullbriar Voltron help. When I've decided on a list ill ask my friends if they have any of the cards so I'll save some money that way too, they buy boxes anyways . Tons of answers, huge beats, and a hexproof/regenerating general that gets huge. Check out [[Vivien, Arkbow Ranger]]. Not this guy. Skullbriar has always intrigued me, so I thought I’d try it out. TCGPlayer 136.9 - 189.59 . Still wokring to get down the numbers, but still, please tell me if i run any bad or undervalued cards, or missing something important :)https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/3503293, A lot of the more expensive ramp spells aren’t great because by the time you’re casting them you’ll already have Skullbriar out and could be casting spells to grow it, give it evasion, or give it protection. For example managorger hydra is good on its own, and cards like grak maw and polukranos are just super synergistic with counters in general. I agree that the large card pool can be pretty daunting, but there are resources out there which you may find useful. Deck Help. I play a lot of Skullbriar. (2-0 Hanna, 6-0 Zirilan, 2-0 Asusa) I think the biggest difference in our decks is the lack of swords in your deck. - This is hands down the fastest list I've seen so far. I've been really enjoying it, for sure. It's pretty much pure tempo centering around Sygg's ability to draw a bunch of cards off of damage. A lot of the list revolves around sitting Jenara down and countering/deflecting any removal/huge threats you drop while using any extra mana at eot to make her bigger, and eventually smash you in the face for a ton of huge flying general damage. Bringing target removal to the table is so necessary for interrupting your opponents combos and win conditions. Not saying the list is bad or anything, but we don't know what you're going up against. Kinda gonna summarize some of my thoughts on the deck here thus far. The ult does nothing in commander but the other two abilities are very solid for Skullbriar. 0. Because on turn 2 you're playing your COMMANDER, on turn three you want to make Skullbriar more dangerous or evasive, you don't need more mana. What are some good match ups? I barely even run ramp at 2 mana, the exception being [[Ordeal of Nylea]]. Feverous. Done by Rivenor of Miraculous Recovery signatures! So, im going a counter stacking build, since they released the new keyword tokens. If not, however, this is a really tough matchup. My friends all have 5+ decks so maining some graveyard hate like scavenging ooze will come in handy at some point. You need to keep Sygg off the table as much as possible, and just try to burn all your removal on any card draw engines they might drop. Plus, I would recommend including a few means to sacrifice your creatures at instant speed and at no mana cost. This isnt your typical Skullbriar deck, which has normally a lot of aura's and equipments. I'm trying to keep the deck as cheap as possible and only paying up for key cards, like for example the ozolith which is seems super annoying, or managorger hydra because its just good synergy.Heres the decklist link https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/3501406 feel free to edit a copy and post it in a comment. EDH Recommendations and strategy content for Magic: the Gathering Commander My list will be included at the end of this comment. Blowing out a big blocker to trample over with Skully is also a great tool. If you don't believe me, play against it and you'll see what I mean. This is more of a +1/+1 counter version of Skullbriar. I know arcane signet is missing, but its at 3.5 bucks.... but maybe it's just such an autoinclude i should add itEDH seems like a fun format so far, but hard getting the first deck together when you dont own any cards hehe. Being able to keep all those new keyword tokens sounds cool.But its hard to make a deck when you are used to standard rules and format and theres just waaay too many cards available, so i compiled a list of cards when doing a bit research on other skullbriar decks. Checkout Acquireboard. I've gone up against mono-u control goodstuff.dec, and Merfolk.dec with this list. It's a hard match, especially if they go fist and get Sygg down before you can get Skully down. Since i'm playing standard in arena, im comfortable with those cards and as such, i found a commander i liked, skullbriar the walking grave. A lot of people are running a semi-heavy control build with things like, - This is another good solid deck. Ranking every planeswalker in EDH using EDHREC! I can't really put it any other way, unfortunately. Cards: 100: Avg. Also I think, [[Primer]] Skullbriar: From Life, Death Eternal. The first deck I ever played was a mono-green creature simple deck with, This is an interesting list to play against. Location: Springfield, MO USA Join … Preferrably - equipment, since it can be reattached. I mean, cultivate and kodamas reach feels nice to pull stuff out of the deck, and scale the heights for utility. I warmly recommend reconsidering targeted removal. I run it in Chevill, and I always love seeing it. Also, looking at your decklist, could I suggest running fewer taplands? (C-Bus, represent!) It plays mostly ramp spells, not permanents, so you can't really burn the resources and usually gets a wanderer off T5-6 :/ I would have to say save the removal for the threats that Wanderer drops, unless they're playing artifact accel. Ask your friends if they're cool with you proxying your cards while you figure out what cards you want to spend your money on. On the other hand, there's a report from Gaka's list that makes Rootwala really efficient in the competitive scene even it's just a vanilla. It's control/ramp into a, - This is an annoyingly good list to play against >.< It basically ramps/controls it's way into dropping Zegaana, draws 3-5 cards depending on what's on the board at that time, then controls/ramps/tutors it's way into a. It's a lot of fun. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts . 4 years ago. People will shower you with deals and affection in exchange for one single turn of not being hit in the face by Skully. Yes, there is ALOT of things in that list, its like, 190 cards, but all of them is kind just potential additions. Counter control is a cool way to go! - This is an annoying list to play against, but definitely beatable. Basically they want to drop Scion, put a, - This has been a pretty easy match up once I know what to look for. Upvote 0. They usually only play 2-3 creatures in the entire deck, so don't save the kill spells! Why not to play our ol' Friend Skully here? I wouldn't worry too much about not running arcane signet. Knowing what to expect makes it a lot easier, and this is a little more of a mid-late game list so it tends to do pretty well against a hyper aggro/swarm list. Also watch out for, - This isn't really an actual list yet (that I've seen so far at least), I've played against a couple of people with this guy and it hasn't been that impressive, but I've been seeing it more over the last few days so I figured I'd post it. If you draw creature removal it's not too hard to beat, and, - This is a really hard deck to beat, mainly because of the lifegain. The basic idea behind defeating Zur is if he sticks, you lose. Alright, so I have a question for the general community here: Should I run the Dark depths package in this thing? A lot of artifact ramp though, and coupled with an, - Normally Skully does really well vs voltron, but the regenerating/hexproof Thrun makes this a little bit more difficult, and he hits like a truck :/ It's basically an aggro race, and if you get a card draw engine to stick it's usually gg. Obviously a lot of hand destruction, but not that many dudes. I don't think this will last, I feel, - This is a semi-combo list that revolves around getting a, - This is a pretty good list. Skullbriar Voltron help. They should hopefully say yes. Basic control deck with a fair mix of counterspells, draw and removal. Control/goodstuff you want a CA engine like, - This is an odd deck, and one that is really, really hard to beat.