My email address is, nguyễn minh hoàng (verified owner) 17th October 2020. Because I’m not gonna use this book now, is it still ok for me to make a purchase, log in, then come back 3 months later and study? I have a question: Will this book be available on iTunes? Because I have to keep changing places at work over the week, is there any way I can use more than 3 devices or at least 4? The Key to IELTS Writing Task 2 Course book( دانلود کتاب IELTS Writing Section - How To Achieve A pdf دانلود کتاب Cambridge Grammar for IELTS Student's Book with Answers pdf Then the answer will appear or the recording will start. I took IELTS last year and got 8.5 overall with 7.5 in the writing section. I’ll be adding this feature once I have completed the updates (towards the end of this week). The link to it says I have reached the download limit. There are guided questions and worked ’ examples to show you what an effective IELTS response looks like. There is a guide to assessing your answers, but no tool for doing this. Use your email address and the password Kotobee sent you – check your junk mail to see if it’s there. In your part of 3.3, sentence 5, which is: “Very few people would be upset if taxes were increased in order to help the homeless”, you explained that “Very few people would be upset” is “100% sure of this result”, which means it is definite to happen. Hope this helps. Thank you, Ms Cullen. Email me if you have any problems – use the password sent by Kotobee and be sure to check your junk mail. Hope this helps. Hello Pauline, I’ve purchased your book on Kotobee, last month I still accessed on may laptop, but today website show me that I’ve reached maximum number of devices. HELLO Guys! I am looking forward to your reply. As I learn, this sentence in this situation must have been categorized as “50% sure of this result”, which means it is possible, since the sentence is type 2 conditional sentences. Hi Pauline, Dear Pauline, How can I download it? Pauline (verified owner) 13th June 2020, Hi, to access and log in to the book you need to use the link in the email from Kotobee. This book just reflects how amazing you are as a writer and teacher. I can reset the devices for you so you can log in on any 3. Hi, if you would like your devices reset could you please email me by replying to an email from ieltsweekly, using the email address of the account. There are 6 new test questions at the end (with model answers) to help you practice yourself. Phạm Hùng (verified owner) 8th June 2020. Hope this helps. Thanks. Hi, the term download refers to activating your account. Hi Cullen, I have bought your book but for some reason it could only be accessed by 2 devices. There are 20 lessons to guide you through the writing stage from how to write a one-sentence argument to connecting ideas to form complex arguments and onto essay writing. No doubt your course will be five stars based on the previous published book I read as what I am about to work on. I have a credit card here in Canada, and would like to pay for this course for her. Students are then asked to write an essay and to analyse two sample scripts. Thank you. Although I have downloaded Kotobee Reader, I can’t find your book. When answering an IELTS Writing Task 2 question you should always… a) read the question carefully b) make sure your ideas are directly relevant to the question c) answer all parts of the question d) change the topic if you have no ideas related to the question e) re-read the task regularly to check you are answering the question 3. I’ve been waiting for this course for a long time. Hello, I can easily reset if for you if you let me know your email address. Thank you! Hi, you should be able to use the same password change link as before? Hi, yes this is possible. Hi Ms. Pauline, So every time I finish a page, I say wholeheartedly to the book, “Thank you, Pauline!”. To avoid this, check out our list of IELTS vocabulary. It’s liberating to be able to think and brainstorm my responses. You can complete the purchase and use her email address so she will receive the log in details. I accidentally got access to the book on separate tabs but on one device only but the system still deduced my downloading limits. I just bought the book, and changed the password once but now I want to change it to another one and I couldnt find a place to do it. Let me know if there are any problems. In the meantime, I’m starting with the very first lesson. Pauline (verified owner) 23rd August 2020. Lê Tiến Đạt (verified owner) 12th June 2020. i purchased. Linh Nguyen (verified owner) 10th June 2020. Can you help me to fix it? Minh Anh Le (verified owner) 8th June 2020. It feels so good knowing that I can finally answer with confidence the writing test in August. Hi, it really depends on what level you are now. Thank you for considering my comment! Thanks a lot! Madam, can i get it’s physical copy? Is this possible to do this? Here is a link to it: Pauline (verified owner) 10th June 2020. Thank you! I just have a small problem is that I can’t take notes, highlight a word… I’m using my laptop for accessing. Hello, you will receive an email from Kotobee with the password you need. It’s like my dam of ideas are opened and is firing in all directions. In the next 14 pages, you’re going to see Writing Samples for the Writing Task 1 and 2 for both Academic and General Training IELTS. Could you reset the book for me, please? Yes, you can have access to it for as long as you want. I bought the book, but I couldn’t access the exercise answers through links in the ebook. There are tons of writing books on the internet today. Some people make a spelling mistake when they give their email and so they don’t receive the link – I can easily fix this. Can you check your junk mail for this? Just see this notice ”Sorry, you have reached your download limit for this file Go to shop”. Thank you very much for your time and efforts you put to make this great product! The area at the top of the planner is for the introduction. I made one test on IELTS Academic 14, I can see my L. skill improvement which reached 7.5 as well as R. which I got 6 but I’m not satisfied with it. I would be so grateful that you could reset the devices for me. Thao Mai (verified owner) 2nd June 2020. I am hoping to publish on Apple book too very soon. 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