CLOZE TEST(2) -- PARAGRAPHS - FILL IN THE BLANKS - EXPLANATION TIPS EXERCISES WITH SOLUTION AND EXPLANATION. Participle. The blog-writer does not take any responsibility of the same. 2. 'You' is subject , 'are interested' is a verb 'in' is a preposition. 2. State whether the –ing forms given in the following sentences are participles or gerunds. Show all questions <= => ... Ooooo, I hear laughter in the rain, WALKING HAND IN HAND WITH THE ONE I LOVE. IBPS Clerks Prem.Exam. 'She' is subject and 'is not interested' is a verb. done or having done. So the. 9. In the case of the, participle, name the noun or pronoun that it qualifies. [gerund-participle] Before or after additionally takes a noun phrase as its complement. As such it can be used  in all the forms as a noun is used as follows. Point out the Participles and Gerunds in the following sentences. 9. Walking on the grass is forbidden. Gerunds are nouns formed from verbs and they describe actions. Question Papers of Previous Competition Examinations (IBPS, SBI, RBI,RRB & Insurance Co.) (English Section) -- Duly Solved. SURVEY . … 8. We saw a squirrel climbing a tree. Exercise. Tips : If this page always shows the same questions, make sure you correct the question first by pressing the "check answer" button. RBI GradeB (Officer).Exam. Walking up to the door,the bell was rung. Transformation of Sentences--- Assertive,Exclamatory and Interrogative, Conjunction ----- Meaning . answer choices . SURVEY . Participial phrase; CHOOSING THE RIGHT MAJOR is a tough job for a lot of students. Types & Examples, Mock Test Papers of Competition Examinations (IBPS,SBI,RBI,RRB,Insurance Co. 1. She is subject & likes is verb. Walking on the grass is forbidden. Put your queries/doubts in comments for their reply/ clarification. 2. 5. Gerunds refer to real, immediate activity while infinitive could refer to some potential action. Add your answer and earn points. held on 3-10-2015 & 10-10-2015. Generally, with the verbs after words Let. Asking questions is easier than answering them. Exercise 82. Hearing the noise, he ran to the window. A separate page deals with verbs that are followed by the gerund. Gerund phrase ? held on 6-12-2015. Asking questions is easier than answering them. The singing girl formed a crowd. Q. 9. 2. We are fighting a losing … FROM PREVIOUS POST, PARAGRAPH - REARRANGEMENT OF SENTENCES TO MAKE IT MEANINGFUL-EXAMINATION QUESTIONS BASED EXERCISES, NARRATION - (1) BASICS EXPLAINED WITH EXAMPLES -CHANGE FROM DIRECT TO INDIRECT FORM & VICE VERSA, CONVERSION FROM ONE TENSE TO OTHER --EXERCISES FOR PRACTICE, CONVERSION OR TRANSFORMATION OF SENTENCES ---------- TWO. Rewrite the following sentence using either a participle or a gerund. What does a gerund end with? ; In the above given examples the words in bolds are showing the features of noun and a verb thus are known as Gerunds. 1. In this sentence 'powdering' is a gerund. Gerunds communicate a sense of continuing action because of use of 'ing'. 6. 6. held on 21-11-2015. Preposition (PP) + finite clause —John saw a skunk while he was walking home. 'Playing with kittens' completes the action of the object cat. In the case of the Gerund, state whether it is subject, object, complement, or used after a preposition. Having finished his work, the labourer sat for rest. 5. 3. Gerund occupies a prime space in our linguistic lives. English Section (Duly solved) -, Different Parts of Speech -- INTERJECTION, Different Parts of Speech -- EXERCISES FOR PRACTICE WITH THEIR SOLUTIONS. Walking on the grass is forbidden. 7. Jumping over the fence, the thief escaped. Topic 11 : Transformation Or Conversion of Sentences -- Assertive, Negative, Interrogative or Exclamatory Sentences--- Exercises (with solution) for Practice. 7. Infinitives are inappropriate in such cases. Competitive Examination Questions Exercises with solution and explanation. Answered. Gerund. Walking up to the door,the bell was rung.