Differentiate the ruling on urine and dung of animals which are permissible and not permissible to eat? C. Protection of values. Functions of Religions 2. Socialisation: Religion is one of the main medium of socialisation. He struggles for his survival amidst the uncertainties, insecurities and dangers, Some-times he feels helplessness. Early men occupied the hills and forests where they had to lead a miserable existence with their limited material and intellectual resources. Explanation: Faith in God and Love for God. Religion gives right shelter to him. Answer . Religion is a universal and multi-functional institution and it performs the following main functions of religion. A. Socialisation. Religion grew along with human civilisation. They had been in a ceaseless war against the unkind environment in the midst of which they had to pass their life. of followers Doctrines, Tenets, OT teachings 1. The concept of function Most scientists believe that the concept of function was first obtained from physiology and entered social sciences by Spencer. then the functions of religion in social and personal life should be investigated to answer the above questions (Khosropanah, 2004/252). A. What are the functions of religion? World Major Religions Religion Founder/Year Founded Country of Origin No. Religious institutions can perform at least those educational functions which are difficult to be achieved in schools. Religion and Frustration: This world is filled of worries and frustration. New questions in Religion. True or False. The following are its functions: 1. Social Unity. 1 See answer shinichi0213 shinichi0213 Answer: Faith . These are: • Promoting social solidarity and social control • Legitimation • Social adaptation • Consecrating life’s event • Emotional security • Social functions • Latent or unintended functions 3. B. Religion provides mental peace: Human life is uncertain. Functions of Religion. Thus, after studying the merits and demerits and functions of religious education we come to the conclusion that religion should be included in schools as a means of all-round development of children. D. Social Sanction. Write T if the statement is true and F if the statement is false.1. Functions of religions Submitted by : shakeela asghar 2. 1. This question has multiple correct options. I believe the functions of religion are to keep people adhering to a standard code of ethics while worshiping with others with the same beliefs. What are the functions of religion in developing the spiritual self? It is the religion which consoles and encourages him in all such time of crisis. Religion is said to be born out of physical and social needs. It is the only institution which control frustration du o social, economic and political problems. World’s major religions 4. MANIFEST AND LATENT FUNCTIONS OF RELIGION Sociology Homework & Assignment Help, MANIFEST AND LATENT FUNCTIONS OF RELIGION All institutions have both manifest and latent functions, and religious institutions' are Religion is another social institution found in all societies. In a way, they were totally at the mercy of nature.