If we look at the structure, we see that it takes one Barium cation Ba 2+ and 2 nitrate anions NO 3 – in order to form. Charge is balanced. Barium Nitrate chemical formula is written as Ba (NO 3) 2. 1) The formula of barium nitride is A) BaN B) Ba 3 N 2 C) Ba 2 N 2 D) Ba 2 N E) Ba 2 N 3 2) How many hydrogen atoms are there in 12.4 g of Al 2 (HPO 4) 3? Total valency of Ba=3x2=6. However, unofficially, people may refer to this particular compound as barium salt. Barium Nitrate Formula and Structure. Visit us to know more about the barium nitrate formula, its properties, chemical structure and uses. Barium nitrate is an inorganic compound that is officially known by many other names as well. Similarly, the molar mass of it is 261.34 g mol-1. The chemical formula for Barium Nitrite is Ba(NO2)2. Ba = Barium N = Nitrogen O = Oxygen Its molar mass is 229.338 g/mol. Barium nitrate formula is Ba(NO 3) 2. Nitrogen is is in group 15, so has a valency of 3. You have to get the total valencies to equal so: Ba3N2. Barium nitride trihydrate ("Ba3N2♦3H2O") does not exist: N^3- ion reacts immediately with H2O to give NH3 and OH^-. Barium nitrite does, but it is only the monohydrate: Ba(NO2)2♦H2O (again CRC Handbook). Barium nitrate (Ba(NO3)2) does not form a hydrate (CRC Handbook). Some prefer to call it barium dinitrate, while others may know the compound as Nitrobarite. The salt that forms will be electrostatically neutral, so a formula of #Ba_3N_2#. To obtain the formula, the charges are balanced out and the result is an oxidation state of 0. Barium nitrate is an inorganic compound with a molecular formula Ba(NO3)2. A) 1.32 × 10 23 B) 1.09 × 10 22 C) 6.07 × 10 22 D) 4.39 × 10 22 E) 6.55 × 10 22 3) The neutralization of 25.0 mL of 0.24 M HCl requires 5.0 mL of NaOH. Barium is in group 2, so has a valency of 2. ...” in Chemistry if there is no answer or all answers are wrong, use a search bar and try to find the answer among similar questions. Barium is an alkaline earth metal, and forms #Ba^(2+)# ions; nitrogen is from Group 15, and can form nitride ions, #N^(3-)#. Ba3N2 Nitride has an oxidation state of -3 ( N3- ) and Barium has an oxidation state of +2, or Ba2+. Get an answer to your question “Barium nitrate has the formula Ba (NO3) 2.Which statement is true about barium nitrate?